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The reel is a Bronson Lasless Reel model number 1700-A. Can you give me information this? Answer Hi Jim, I'm not really the antique fishing rod guy, but I'll let you know what I do. Bronson Fleetwing-Ocean City 88 Vintage Fish Reel 3 Lot $19.95: OCEAN CITY 112 Large Deep Sea Fishing Reel 3 Lot, Used $24.95: Salt Water Reel Ocean City Mfg.Co.1925-39 Fortescue250 Home / Information / Reel Memories / Reel Books / Neat Stuff / Dogs & Fishing /. The fly reels lasted until World War II, and then were gone when Bronson returned to reel making. 1953 Vintage Ad Bronson Reels Fishing Advertising-Print > 1950-59 $4.99 Bids: 0. The 27th Lasting a year Bis-Man Reel & Rec Ice Fishing Extravaganza will take courtyard.





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