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Betty's Perfect Loaded Baked Potato Recipe. MightyZocalo Not sure if she mentioned it but how long do you bake it for?. how to cook a PERFECT baked potato! I and always TAKE so darn long! :P. So tonight I want no NEED this baked potato. the four quadrants of the potato. Preheat oven to 425. Bake. How long to bake a potato in a conventional oven? How long do you cook a potato. How long does it take to bake a baked potato in the oven? Can you wrap baked potatoes in foil in a. How long do I bake a potato for? Answer: Hi, A baked potato takes from 45 minutes, if the potato is small, to an hour if the potato is bigger. A great Baked Potato has a crisp, golden skin, and is light and fluffy on the inside.. How to Microwave a Potato ; How to Bake a Sweet Potato ; How Long to Bake a Potato Check out this great collection of potato recipes, with information and cooking instruction, recipes include mashed potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, baked potato, grilled.





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