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Special Tea Cups for Tasseographic Reading. Although tea leaf reading can be performed in a plain white cup, many designers and potteries have released special "fortune telling cups. 1 A VIKING READING GROUP GUIDE TO THREE CUPS OF TEA Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin AN INTRODUCTION TO Three Cups of Tea Three Cups of Tea is the true story of one of the. Acenturies-old method of divining the future involves the interpretation of the fragments of tea leaves at the bottom of a client's cup. The first rule to follow in tea leaf or tea. ~*Want To Learn More?*~ Check out these great books! ~*Tea Leaf Reading - by W. Hewitt*~ *~Tea Cup Tales : The Art of Reading Tea Leaves - by M. Lange-McWhorter *~ The first step in reading your own tea leaves is to be brew a loose tea. You can't use tea in a bag, as there will be no tea leaves at the bottom of the cup!





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